VDMX5 Not saving project

VDMX does not seem to be saving my projects - though it has in the past and this just started about a month ago. I’ve tried uninstalling + reinstalling, creating new projects, and all the different save type (save with and without updating preset, save as with & without updating preset). Any suggestions as to why this is happening?? Thanks for your help!

unregistered copies of the app are save disabled.
maybe it needs re-registering?

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I thought the same thing, but when I reinstalled the software & entered my serial it didn’t seem to have any problem. Maybe it doesn’t tell you if it’s expired?

VDMX serials don’t expire – we got your email, following up on there ;)

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Hi loaf_baker

I think I might know the reason for this as it sometimes catches me out, or perhaps a similar issue others have fallen upon .

On my live machine I have two user accounts a general personal one, and a performance account
the idea being that the performance account is free of iCloud stuff, personal files and photos and is super clean and minimal just incase the projection set up freaks out and displays my desktop or I forget to disable notifications and there’s texts from my Mum being projected to a festival crowd

Anyway… where this catches me out with saving VDMX is if I open a past project from my personal account (where I usually develop and sketch ideas) but make changes and then save it again using my live account, the file path is still in my personal user account and the updates don’t stick

Similarly if I make a new project from scratch in my live account, sometimes when I save the file path is to my other user account and the project fails to save or be recoverable from either account

I hope that makes sense ? its easy to slip up as in both cases I am usually saving in the ‘VDMX Projects’ directory.
Ways to avoid this I’ve found is to save to desktop and file away later ?
and in the moments where I have lost my work, I’m always philosophical and am fairly convinced I come up with more elegant/better/cooler patches through the repetition of the work ;)