VDMX5 licence for sale


I have a VDMX5 licence fore sale at a nice price. Will go through Vidvox for licence transfer and Paypal secure payment.
DM me for more info :slight_smile:
Hope this is ok to post this

Does someone know how I should transfer my licence ?
Support is not responding …

im not sure that this has been an option in the past. there have be another thread or two about this kinda recently.

I asked years ago and was told they don’t allow resale.

Most software EULA explicitly forbid to transfer of the license without the device it was installed on. This is common practice with software unless you go back to having a physical box with a license key.

This happens for a few reasons:

  1. To prevent unauthorized resellers from obtaining licenses.

VDMX does not sell to resellers, but that won’t stop a reseller from trying to purchase a group license or educational group license, and trying to part it out and resell it. This is why the licenses are all bonded to email addresses, and group licenses are bonded to a single email address (with separate serials).

There are plenty of scammy online sites, that purchase software licenses when on special (think black friday / cyber monday), then sell them for a profit later. This is very common in the video game industry since an activation license is a single code that anyone can redeem. That being said, once that code is redeemed (on Steam for instance), it cannot be transferred as part of the EULA.

While not as common, 3rd party resellers open up a number of privacy related concerns. e.g. you buy from some website that resells, and they snag your credit card # and personal information. Or they flat out take your money and don’t give you a license.

Other than the email address, name, and license #, VDMX doesn’t store anymore of your information. The same can’t be said for others.

  1. Non-transferrable licenses prevent license theft.

Not that this is a major concern, but if someone gets into your email account and can easily transfer a license elsewhere. I’m sure they would go after your bank account first, but it’s one less concern.