VDMX5 1.0.13 now ready for testing! (M/Intel)

An update for everyone 10.15+

If you are using 10.14 and older, you’ll want to use the legacy version fo VDMX b8.7.2.4

More details about VDMX versions in the wiki doc: https://docs.vidvox.net/vdmx_versions.html

VDMX5 1.0.13 list of changes:

  • Added ‘tip of the day’ to starting point window.
  • Fix to some text field UI elements that were not inspecting when interacted with
  • Minor file browser (⌘+3 window) fixes
  • Removed extra button in data source mappings panel (⌘+4 window)

Download link:


hi Guys !
the 1.0.2 is older than 1.0.13 ?

Yes, 1.0.2 is basically 1.0.02, ans 13 is > 2 so it’s correct.

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