VDMX won't open

Very simple problem here: I just purchased VDMX5 but when I try to open it I get this:

I’ve relocated the app but to no avail.

Hi Reuben
Im not sure what you mean by relocating the app but i will try and help.
Its the project file that you need to move, the one ending .vdmx5

I believe the project your trying to open is from an older version of vdmx - so it will be updated and saved as a new project with the file name: projectName-updated.vdmx5

This is why it has to be in a writable folder.

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Hey Reuben!

I responded to your email a little while ago with some questions / suggestions, but ultimately would guess this was an installer fluke related to the new update and demo project, and it will probably work fine if you delete the app and re-installed!

If that doesn’t do the job, follow up on the questions from my email and we’ll go from there!