VDMX with Synopsis Beta support!


Hey everyone!

We’ve just posted a new update to VDMX with support for an exciting new open source project in collaboration with Vade – Synopsis!

You can read about it on our blog here,

You can download the installer here,

Full change log:

  • Added support for Synospis. Synopsis is an open-source project that uses machine learning to populate a standardized metadata track that provides contextual information about movies and individual frames within movies. For more information, check out https://synopsis.video . So far, VDMX can use synopsis to dynamically sort/re-order clips in your bin based on their visual properties, trigger new clips based on their similarity to the currently playing clip, and publish data sources with the current frame’s dominant colors and RGB histogram.
  • Fixes to thumbnail caching with some file types. Some file types weren’t caching in some cases, or not at all, slightly faster loading of non-cached movie thumbs
  • BM devices that show up as webcams through AVF are no longer ignored.
  • Significant improvements to the File Browser window (cmd-3).
  • ISF generators now break into subcategories for browsing in the file browser window
  • VDMX now requires 10.11 to run.



As an additional note, fans of our AVF Batch Exporter tool will want to check out the free Synopsis Analyzer app (https://synopsis.video/analyzer/) as a newer alternative for transcoding your movies to HAP. It has a bunch of useful features including a powerful preset management system, a file inspector for previewing clips, and an all around nicer interface. Requires 10.13 or later.
(You can make custom presets that skip doing all the Synopsis metadata stuff and just use this 100% as a transcoder)