VDMX with M2 MBP troubles

Hi everyone.
At first, I’m not English native, sorry for my mistakes about English.

I started using M2 MBP insted of broken Intel MBP.
But, I heve too many troubles to use VDMX. Does anyone use M2 MBP?

After started VJing for a while, suddenly the sliders are disappear from side of preview panel but controlable. In case of this, many compornents on control surface are also disappear. And I cannnot check Layer Souces. I cannot open Drop Down menus. I can’t show UI Inspector and Workspace Manager with shortcut Commands.

Does any one have same trouble??



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Are you running b8.8.0.8?

How much memory do you have in your M2 MBP?

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Hello. Thank you for reply