VDMX running at 160% CPU


Hey there, i made this project when i had access to a mac mini and the project ran fine. When i run it with my current setup the video from vdmx is still working but the cpu load is so high it causes issues with abletons audio(lag and distortion)


any help would be apprenticed



Can you share the project file? What are you playing back? H.264 video clips?



Hello here is the project file, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XYVN4C7Iuco1sIC-O6IUeTs5Rk7vlghh/view?usp=sharing let me know if you need anything else or like if u need me to send the video files over, they are all converted to HAP or HAP alpha



Okay, a few questions.

  • Are you working from a very old VDMX project? When I opened your project it only shows 2 media bins and says that you have 49 layers running at the same time. For almost any mac, that’s A LOT, each layer is then running continuously while the other layers are playing even if you don’t have that layer visable.

  • How many simeltanous layers do you actually need? I’d suggest running a 4 way VJ mixer template or a two channel mixer template and triggering your clips into 2 or 4 layers. (Two layers is great for mixing video back and forth seamlessly, 4 layers is great for blending multiple video layers together at the same time. 49 video/ISF layers seems a bit overkill (imo).

  • In what ways are you looking to use VDMX? Do you have a visual style, preference, or specific need that we could help optimize your project to best handle?


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for sure a very old file, would replicating it from scratch in my current version help?

Each layer is dedicated to a key on a 49 key midi controller, this was the best way i could think of to handle the placement of each clip(layer by layer) on the canvas and to allow all of the keys to be pressed simultaneously(the keyboard was in a gallery where people could play it and needed to prep for two people pressing all the keys down). Here is a youtube link to the demo footage so you can get a better sense of what the project looks like in practice. https://youtu.be/H3PkG3edwds

I hope there is a way to remake this setup more efficiently. i plan to do a full 88 key version soon.



Okay, this makes more sense.

I’m not sure how the M1 Mac Pro handles this, but with the M1 Max Macbook Pro, I can run max 107 1920x1080 layers at the same time. These must be run in combination with the internal SSD (which reaches read/write speeds close to 5000 MB/s) and an external SSD (~800MB/s Read, write).

For your project, lowering the output composition resolution and making sure ALL clips are in the same resolution as the output composition in HAP codec will reduce issues with scaling eating up your processing power (shrinking or scaling up, etc.).

I would also rebuild the project and make sure it is streamlined.



Thanks so much for the response, Ill make sure to match the clips to the canvas output and will remake the set from scratch to make it stream lined.

Only thing i dont understand is what you mean about the SSDs im not sure how to run VDMX on more than one? Are you talking about where the clips are stored?



Yes, where the clips are stored. Either on your internal Mac SSD or on an external SSD. When playing back that many video clips, the biggest bottleneck is not with the CPU, but the computers ability to access all of those video clips at the same time. You can PreLoad media, but that attempts to store the videos in your memory (depending on how much memory you have). If you put your clips on a USB 3.0 external hard drive for example, you won’t be able to play more than 4-6 videos at a time. The new M1 Macs have very fast internal SSDs that will help with this.