VDMX Project media copier

Someone asked in a support email if it was possbile for them to movie media from a VDMX project to a specific folder.

As a quick idea I put together this python script (with the help of ChatGPT), that can be run from the Terminal (also PC / Linux compatble). It will open a VDMX project .vdmx5 file, and search for all the media, copy / paste it to a new output destination.

If anyone wants to try this for me and let me know if it works on their system, I’d be appreciative.

I had to update my version of python via homebrew to get it to work. Python 3.8+

brew update
brew upgrade python

How to run:

Open Terminal: type “python (input location of this script)”
Hit enter.

vdmx_media_extractor.py.zip (2.4 KB)