Vdmx problem

I have a trial version
that doesn’t work, just wait and nothing happens

Mac version, latest update, latest version, latest version
Jest like this

Hey Ali!

If you are having problem of this sort, please send us an email – support@vidvox.net

In particular, please include…

  1. It looks like this is a ‘hang’ / ‘beach ball’? That being the case, if you could send us a stack trace, that would be great,
  • Launch Activity Monitor

  • Launch VDMX, let it hang

  • Switch to Activity Monitor, select VDMX from the list of apps, and use the ‘Sample Process’ option (in the sprocket menu) to take a stack trace. Save it to disk.

  • Send the stack trace and any text that showed up in the console to me in an email.

(If the app does eventually ‘crash’ if you leave it running long enough, you can send us the crash log instead.)

Beyond that,

  1. Is this a new issue after running an update? If so, have you tried deleting the app and running the installer again?
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