VDMX Preferences Window Colors?


I recently updated VDMX and my preferences window all the items text was black, the background was black.

I then made some changes in the color prefs and the text is now white.

Just wondering under what section in the colors prefs would alter the prefs window color attributes



I believe the preference window is black by default (at least mine is) and that is most likely configured in the build of the application. To the best of my knowledge you cannot change it. (But, I could be wrong.)



Again my prefs window side items are hidden (or Text is Black on Black)… I recently updated to 10.13.6 and latest VDMX.

If I click on a item on the left side it will highlight in red and I can read what it is… but all the other sidebar items are not visible.

please see attached.



Those side bar things are in “table views."

Choose another color set from the Import pop up button. (hopefully)