VDMX (paid) help needed for Livid OHM64 controller setup

Thanks for all the help VDMX community!! Think I’ve got it figured out :)

I have a functioning template to work with VDMX and my Livid OHM64 controller, however I need a few smalls things tweaked that are beyond my pay grade.

It’s not imperative that you have this controller but it would certainly help trouble shoot things a lot faster.

Got a gig coming up next week and was hoping to have it figured out and dialed in by then. I’m a fair person and happy to pay you reasonably for your time.


Been rockin a Livid Ohm for quite some time now. Wondering what tweaks you are looking to do…?

Feel free to ask your questions on the forum, it may help someone else in the future. I too also have a multiple Livid Ohms and have been using them alongside VDMX.