VDMX macOS X 13 Ventura Update Guide

updated to Ventura, VDMX installed and seems to work fine.

Which version of Ventura and VDMX are you running?

Ventura 13.1

Are you running Apple Silicon or Intel? Thanks

Arm (at least 20 characters)

Any update on a VDMX for Ventura update?
Also having the issue with vertical sliders not showing.
running b8.8.0.5

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I too am desperately waiting for a Ventura update. Feels like the update cycles are becoming longer and longer.

The vertical sliders not showing I’ve also noticed doesn’t show up anywhere, including in the custom control surface, if I make an UI element vertical, it disappears (it’s there, I can control it, I just can’t see anything, it becomes invisible), but if I change it back to horizontal, it appears again.

But currently the most annoying bug for me is that menu items (anything with a popup menu, whether it be from a right click, or from the top menu bar) randomly stop showing up every now and then, and can only be fixed through a VDMX restart. This is a scary nightmare during shows.

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Take a look at: https://discourse.vidvox.net/t/vdmx-beta-8-8-0-6-now-ready-for-testing-m1-intel-osx-10-15/


Seems like data looper plug-in not working eg not respond to record or playback with
M2ventura vdmx 8.8.6. ?

With wave clock
Do you advise not use at all in Ventura? On m1/m2
Just use as self running clock bpm eg without using beat detection?
When I try to turn on auto beat detection I get warning about needing to open with Rosetta
But if I open vdmx with Rosetta all panels loose their interface visuals
Thanks ertle(paul)

Can you submit a bug report using the built-in bug reporter, via the help menu? Add a little description and send it it.

Wave clock is not Apple Silicon native, and it’s uncertain when it ever will be (developed by outside dev (plenty of posts on the forums about it)).

So I’m not sure when it will run natively, but we would like Ventura to be able to run VDMX under Rosetta 2.

Will do today

well Good News ! I guess… I started up VDMX this morning ready to send bug report- same project as yesterday but now Data Looper is reacting and responding perfectly AND even opening VDMX with Rosetta this time interface is all fine AND Waveclock beat detection also working Great! Hopefully it all stays that way… apologies and thanks!! PS. I have changed the Preference VUO to run as separate process- this seems to have helped enormously - occasional VUO FFGL sources freeze but VDMX keeps going-- Cheers. OF course can speak to soon-- screenshots show one of two wave clock interfaces partially disappeared… last image shows numbers in “clock 2” but none of the rest of the interface… not a big deal still usable just disconcerting :)

@Ertle Thanks. Maybe you could follow up in this thread a day or so now after you’ve ran it a bit longer, and let us know.

Also, keep an eye on your memory. Apple Silicon macs do weird things when their memory is full and turns over to swap.

sure! thanks.
re Data Looper-- I think the problem was simply that I had the data looper set to a clock that was left on Auto Detect-turning this off the clock works at whatever tempo I manually set and data looper runs along with it… great!

FFGL VUO problems: intermittent but once gets ‘unhappy’ consistent major random crashes:
issues with ffgl vuo plugins? crashing -have sent bug reports -but projects too big to send-- doesn’t seem. to be particular ffgl plugin almost random-- trying a fresh install of vdmx-- in case going back and forth between rosetta and non rosetta caused problems because it seemed good for a few days before this experiment…

  • the same ffgl vuo plugins seem to work without crashing in other vj programs BUT on the plus side the same VUO patches as Vuo files seem to work well directly in VDMX media bin-- only one crash after many hours of messing around…

I haven’t updated my OS yet. Does the latest VDMX update fix issues with macOS Ventura, or are you still evaluating all of them?

A lot of older FFGL plugins have issues with Apple Silicone, and there are still users out there trying to run their older 32bit plugins on new Macs, which won’t work. Vuo is tricky, because it can run into similar issues with older compositions / code.

It’s hard to pin point exact issues down, but if you can send vuo comps to the support email that run in Vuo or elsewhere, but not VDMX, at least we can compare the two and see why VDMX isn’t handling them problerly.


I don’t think Apple has fixed all the issues with OSX Ventura yet…

I wouldn’t upgrade if you don’t have to.

Yeah it is not good… FX are not working well.

Well, if you have 32-bit plugins, they won’t work on a 64-bit system.