VDMX keeps crashing


Im running vdmx on a high end MacBook Pro 2018 os is Mojave,

It keeps crashing

I was advised to reinstall and after second attempt it seems to work for a month or so but now its doing it again

is there any tricks to de-install?

should I upgrade? ( I hear that big sur is not veery friendly)

Is anyone else having this problem?

I have used for many years without issues but now…




Same here. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t help much. Desperately waiting for an update.



Email support. Re-installing is a good step, but if it keeps happening, then there might be something else in the pipeline that is causing the problem. For example: Elgato’s EpoCam plugin causes VDMX to hang instead of opening. Different situation than yours, but an email to support solved that problem.



Try removing all the QC plugins - that worked for me



As @MickF suggested remove the QC plugins. Also I had an issue with an FCPX plugin which was causing crashes this was picked up on a crash report so its worth submitting sometimes.

Also I’m finding Big Sur better than Catalina, I’ve also ditched Google Chrome as it hogs resources, never use Chrome on a production machine.

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I have not found a reason to go beyond High Sierra on my mid-2017 MBP, I would try to reinstall OS 10.13.6.
I second what @2bitpunk says, No Chrome on VDMX production machines, also no iCloud or Adobe CC.




I have a 2015 MBP running 10.12.6 I don’t upgrade if everything works. I’ll retire the computer before I swap this OS. (The only downside to this is running the “latest and greatest” software updates out there, but even for something like Adobe CC, those are all beta updates anyway.)



Generally its been Ok updating macOS with VDMX, I have machines on Big Sur (MBP and Opencore Intel) and Catalina (Opencore Intel) and VDMX runs fine. The only caveat I can see at the moment is the Vuo bug in Big Sur which I assume will be fixed soon. All I can say is that Big Sur feels better than Catalina but if you have an older machine as @doctormojo says High Sierra is solid.