VDMX handling of audio with video


hello all!

i’m test driving VDMX to see if it’d be right for my application, and having audio along with the video is really important. the biggest issues i’m having with VDMX at the moment is with audio playback with video. there’s two main issues – if i scrub forwards or backwards, the audio will drop off while i’m scrubbing, and then for a couple seconds seem to be missing, and then the audio comes back in. sometimes it’s about one seconds, sometimes it’s much more, like 5 or 6 seconds. most of the time it’s probably 2-3 seconds. this happens with scratching as well.

the other thing is that when i’m switching clips, there’s about a 6 frame lag between when the audio cuts out of the first clip and comes in on the second clip. this isn’t as big of a deal but definitely makes the cuts more jarring.

i’ve tested with and without my audio interface and it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

i’ve been using 720p hap and hapq footage, on a 720x480 canvas. i’m using a 2019 iMac runing mojave with 3.6 ghz intel i9, 72 gb ram and radeo pro vega graphics card.

i’ve spent the entire day introducing myself to VDMX and there are some things that i really love about it. is there anything i can do to make this audio situation better?

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also, the issue seems to be related to how much i manipulate the time setting. the longer i scrub for, the longer it takes for the audio to come back. for an extreme example, i just set an LFO to manipulate the rate, and when i disconnected the LFO it took like a minute and a half for the audio to come back.