VDMX Flashing Frame when going on new clip

Hey everyone, I’m quite new using VDMX. I have the following problem:
I have my clips in the media bin, in the “Immediately” mode player when a clip has finished to play and I play a new one, it makes kind of a “flash” of one of the lasts frames. This doesn’t happen if I play the new clip while the last one is still playing…any idea on what it can be?
I had the idea to put the player on the “manual” mode but I don’t really understand how it works.

Thank you!

Just tried this, and couldn’t reproduce your problem. Instead of Immediately, try Next On Movie End… if you want one to play after the other. Then, scrub to the end of a clip, and watch what happens.

Try formatting your clips in a different codec. If its “mission critical”, I use Prores422.

Hope that helps.

As @seejordan mentioned, what are your system specs, where is the media being played back from, and what codec are you using?

Hey guys thank you for you reply. So I’m on a MacBook Pro 15” 2017 with macOS Ventura.
The files that I’m playing are h264 fullHD stored into the desktop.
The “next on movie end” doesn’t makes this problem but it doesn’t help me as I need to wait between one clip and the next one.
I converted them in ProRes but still makes it…

I was thinking to try the “manual” mode but I don’t actually understand how to trigger the next clip

You could also try the cue-list for playback of media. If the prores files are stored on your internal drive, it may not be fast enough. What does BlackMagic Disk speed test show?

Also, are you pre-loading the media? If so, how much memory does your computer have?

H.264 is extremely CPU intensive, and if you don’t have every frame as a keyframe the playback performance is terrible on most machines, especially older ones.

I have a backup MacBook Pro 15” 2017 with macOS Ventura and have seen the same flash effect when loading clips. Encode to ProRes or HAP and the problem will disappear. Also on Intel machines with 16+ GB memory preloading clips (an option in the Mediabin plugin) will help with fast clip triggering. As recommended a fast external drive can help, true FireWire with a good quality NVMe is best (I would recommend WD_BLACK SN850 1TB) NVMe). Warning the biggest problem with the MBP 2017 is loose Thunderbolt ports, use a strip of gaffa tape to hold the cable in!!!

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