VDMX does not open on old system


Dear VDMX team, I’ve been trying to use VDMX for a while now and, but for some reason I can’t access it anymore.
The program asks for a serial, but the one I have doesn’t work. (see screenshot)
I’m using a mac book pro on which I installed VDMX the first time around.
Is there any way to restore the program? (the old version, VDMX5, Version b0. / (OS X10.8.5). One reason that was stated from support is: “this is a server side problem…related to some security updates…make it compatible with older VDMX versions” But since then no one has been coming back to me with a solution. Can the web crew fix this? And if not what else can be done? I would appreciate advice so that I can get my head around this. I need VDMX for my work and it’s important to solve the problem asap.



Hey MZee,

As I mentioned in my email, this is an issue that only effects old versions of VDMX on older systems – if you update to a newer OS / VDMX version, you’ll be able to register.

Unfortunately there isn’t a quick fix for this on our end; we had to make changes to our server registration in order to comply with the latest macOS security requirements, and it isn’t easy for us to put out a release of the old codebase that would meet these new standards.



Hi David, many thanks for getting back to me and for your effort to look into this. Alas, I need to try and upgrade the system… Thanks again. Best, M