VDMX Crashing When Loading Certain Media Files

Hello everyone,

I am facing a frustrating issue with VDMX. Every time I try to load certain media files, the software crashes. It’s really putting a damper on my projects, and I need some advice.
I am using MacBook Pro, macOS 13.2 ; VDMX Version: The latest one. Using media files mostly high-resolution videos, but it happens with other formats too
VDMX freezes and then crashes right after I load these files.

I have updated VDMX to the latest version . Tested different media formats and resolutions. Also restarted the app and my laptop. Checked for any conflicting software.
Referred Fixing Common VDMX Issues | VIDVOX Documentation aws developer associate guide but still need help.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Any solutions would be super helpful!

Thank you

What are the codecs you are using that are causing issues.

Use Hap codecs were possible

Did you read the section on VDMX video codecs and unsupported media files? (It’s at the bottom)


Thank you, Destroythings and ProjectileObjects.

I am using H.264 and ProRes codecs. I’ll try converting to Hap and see if it helps.

ProjectileObjects, I reviewed the VDMX video codecs section, but I’ll check it again.

Thanks for the help!

Thank you