VDMX Crash | b0.


I have been testing the recent vdmx b0. with vuo, but i have had some problems:

It shuts down when changing output displays. When in fullscreen if I change the display where the fullscreens goes, vdmx shtus down

If I have the option “RUN VUO IN SEPARATED PROCESSES” disabled it renders some VUO images incorrectly (the ones with “MAKE GRID LINES OBJECT”). And then sometimes while triggering between VUO clips it shoots down. (this one is difficult to recreate as it only happens sometimes).
It works ok with “RUN VUO IN SEPARATED PROCESSES” enabled. But this way it is very slow to change between VUO clips. so not very nice for live performance

Does anyone else has these problems?

BTW, I am with OS Mojave 10.14.6

Thank you



I’ve just started testing Vuo sources / FX and not had any issues, slightly ahead of you on versions as I’m bug hunting audio routing issues. Will test a few sources to see if I have any issues.

macOS Big Sur 11.4
VDMX b0.
Vuo 2.2.1
[checked] Run Vuo files in separate processes?



I’d send a message to support@vidvox.net and submit a bug report. Make sure to include your vuo file and such.



Hi thanks. I submited the bug from inside of VDMX everytime it happend.
I will prepare a vdmx project with a couple vuo examples to send to support.
Is is possible that I am getting errors due to still be using Mojave? I am always afraid of updating the OS.
Is there anyone with Mojave? is it working fine?

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What version of Vuo are you Compositions created in?
Have you cleared the Vuo Cache?

I’ve found that when opening projects with Vuo “items” in them VDMX needs some time to precompile them. You may see a window that says something like Building Vuo / Compiling Vuo… this window is not easy to see. You can also start working with your project before this pre-compiling is completed and that may be causing some crashes.

If you open the VDMX log file and watch it. You can see the Vuo processing steps happening and you can see when it has completed. It will also show you any potential errors.



RE: make grid lines object.
Have a peak at the VDMX log.
I was noticing it having errors…
And not sure if it was on 8727 or 8724.

I think what I figured out was that I was
Just feeding a Color Node into the Material Input of the Grid Lines Node. And was using an Another Users module to convert the Scene Object into a Layer.

So somewhere there was conflict with either the
Color Input for material or the 3rd party concerting scene object to layer (or even the multi layer rendering)

It all seem to work in 8727 with Vuo comps made in Vuo 2.3.2