VDMX Console control of DMX Art-Net on same system (connected to Hue bridge)

Hi all. I’m needing some pointers on sources to read up on Art-Net in order to get some Hue products working with VDMX.

I’ve reviewed the following tutorials but don’t understand some key concepts that I’ll ask about below:

I gather that I’d like to use VDMX as the “Console” for an Art-Net Universe (1) in order to talk to a Phillips Hue bridge communicating directly with instruments.

I’m using the VDMX Cue List Template to try to understand my options for sending color data over Art-Net to the Hue Bridge via a bit of software running on the local-host:

What I don’t get is this:
I assumed Art-Net could run via UDP on the same network interface, but given the prompts from VDMX, it needs to bind to a single ethernet interface, not to be shared with the same as my above software.

Question: Does Art-Net have to run on an exclusive network?

Question 2: Are there particular instructions for sending data from my VDMX console to the Art-Net node running on the same system? This node recognizes and connects with my Hue bulbs, but I’m stuck getting VDMX to talk to the node.

Pardon if I don’t appear to know enough here to ask a more specific question. Casting around for resources to get my head around this.

PS: I’m playing with QLC+ along with dmx-hue to see if I can understand the communication between console and node better.

And peeking at old threads:

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I recently setup dmx-hue on my raspberry pi and had it controlled by VDMX. I could see a new ArtNet node with IP popping up. If you use the same computer I suppose the IP to connect to should be

This was more of a proof of concept and I decided to not follow that path because HUEs have a massive delay and bottleneck for parallel transmission of data. They are not designed for this. If you ask me: Better geht some ESP32 as artnet nodes and connnect APA102 or WS2812 LED stripes. Way more snappy / responsive.

Thanks for this @microfx

With dmx-hue on the same system, different interface, or even same interface, neither VDMX nor QLC+ seem to see the Node. Nothing on localhost either. So I think I have a problem with the dmx-hue package. It sees my instruments and hub just fine. Looking for some other controller to test it with.

This venue is outfitted with hue strips and bulbs so it would be nice to at least have control of them for ambiance.