VDMX - Change vdmx file to Java, html format?


Hi! I was wondering if I can change my vdmx file into an internet form( Java, Html,css…).
My project is an interactive project which changes by sound. I was wondering if it can be implemented in the same way in the html as in vdmx.



I’m not sure what you mean exactly. Could you share some more info or examples?

If you mean to port a full vdmx setup on your computer over to a web browser, that would take a lot of heavy lifting and programming in my opinion. But if you are controlling ISF shaders, some of them can be ported to an interactive website.

If you record your DMX, OSC, MIDI outputs, you can in theory, reply that into something else, but once again it will take a good bit of programming knowledge.

Maybe someone else can chime in who works with interactive web programing languages and environments?

You could also look into Open Frame Works, TouchDesigner, and other creative coding applications such as Processing.



The VDMXBPM project file is basically and XML file. But from what your saying I don’t think you want to mess with that.

You want live interactive control.
Look into the new OSC Query format.

Create Control Surfaces in VDMXBPM assign your project parameters to the controls.
Make the CS available via OSC Query.

Look in your preferences under OSC.
Find the web page. Open in in your browser.
Your an now control your VDMXBPM project Elvis the browser which sends OSC

It’s up to you to now integrate the control here via HTML or Java.

If your looking for more direct control.
Look into how you can generate OSC messages from your “interactive source” and send them to VDMX (you don’t have to use the OSC Query)

I’d look into Vuo, there’s many built in nodes for interacting with things. You then just need to translate to OSC and send to VDMX



What are your “Interactive Sources” and we can provide some ideas on how get generate data from them to send to VDMX



Thanks for replying! So basically my “Interactive Sources” are just waves changing their form and motion by how loud the sound is.



Thank you so much! Helped me a lot :)



Search the VDMX tutorials in using the Audio Plugin is a good start