VDMX boots in 39 secs on Apple silicon, 5 secs on Intel


Using beta, I get the following app startup times, consistently:

Mac Mini M1 2021, Big Sur, native: 39 seconds
Mac Mini M1 2021, Big Sur, using Rosetta: 54 seconds
Macbook Pro 13" 2019, Catalina: 5 seconds
Macbook Pro 15" 2016, Catalina: 11 seconds
Macbook Pro 15" 2013, Catalina: 6 seconds (!)

The launch time on the M1 is FAR longer compared to all previous experiences???

An added detail, if I quit and relaunch VDMX within a few minutes on the M1, THEN it boots up in 6 seconds! This rarely happens, I don’t stop and start the app frequently, either VDMX is always up or I work on something else for extended time, so effectively, startup time is around 40 seconds.

This isn’t stopping me, but makes me cautious and concerned - it used to be a lot quicker? Is this only happening for me, or anybody else, possibly a known problem? Possibly by design?



This seems more like comparing apples to oranges. There are pros and cons to both M1 and Intel.

My M1 still outperforms my older Intel and I get 20 hours battery life (with VDMX open), compared to my Intel which gets less than an hour now (with VDMX open).

I’m optimistic, not cautious or concerned. It’s obvious that Apple is going to move fully into native silicone from here on out, which means that after this lengthy transition period, all future mac softwares will be better optimized for the hardware.

Even Ableton (a massive company) recently released their M1 native build, and looking at the forums there a few things they need to iron out. Dropbox (an even larger company) hasn’t released an M1 native build.

We’re still very early in the transition. The original M1 chipset was a proof of concept. The M1 Pro and M1 Max are a proof of the future.

b8.7.2.11 is a universal build, so it runs on both Intel and M1. Makes sense that it would take longer to boot. It’s bloated with additional code.



Thanks, from your answer I’m assuming then this is expected, nothing’s wrong locally here, I’ll be patient for another build!

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Found a very simple fix! So I finally got my maxed out new Macbook Pro delivered (ordered in January!), and the launch time of VDMX ( on the new Macbook Pro was also over 50 seconds!! Compared to absolutely all other apps whom boot within 10 seconds (including Lightroom).

This couldn’t be right, so I tried what was mentioned in another thread; removing (trashing) VDMX and reinstalling it (instead of just updating it).


VDMX now consistently launches in about 8 seconds. :partying_face:

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