VDMX + Black Magic Video Assist



I have a Black Magic Video Assist I was hoping to use as an extra monitor and capture device. When viewing my project in window mode, I can drag the window to the BMVA screen and view it fine but as soon as I try to go full screen, the image flickers a few times and the BMVA screen goes black and then I can’t do anything to fix it unless I power it off and on again. I’ve updated the BMVA software to see if this would help but it didn’t. I’m running a 2018 macbook pro with big sur 11.2.3

Anyone else experience this? Any ideas on how to resolve this?




It my be that your Mac is outputting HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) signal. This is done to protect copyright on DVDs and other digital content. A work around could be an output card with the Blackmagic Ultrastudio. This would also bypass any system colour processing and output a broadcast signal. This is what I’m using.



It does sound like an HDCP issue. The cost effective work around is to use a $20 HDMI splitter that breaks the HDCP. Not all of them do this, but there are plenty of them on Amazon with PS4 and Xbox reviewers letting you know it works. I believe the ViewHD splitter does this, or others output to VGA and covert that to HDMI.

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Thanks for the help everyone. I solved this by going from my laptop into a black magic hdmi / sdi converter into the video assist and it seems to be working.