VDMX Beta now ready for testing! (M1/Intel) OSX 10.15+

A minor update for everyone 10.15+ (If you have an older OS you can try this version, but let us know if it doesn’t work for you. This version should support 10.13 & 10.14).

If you are using 10.14 and older, you’ll want to use the legacy version fo VDMX b8.7.2.4
More details about VDMX versions in the wiki doc: https://docs.vidvox.net/vdmx_versions.html

b9.9.2.0 list of improvements:

  • Stability fixes for macOS14
  • Minor fix to clock plugin nudge buttons
  • Minor fix to timecode plugin default fps

Download: https://www.vidvox.net/download/VDMX5_b9.9.2.0.dmg


Mac Studio M1 Max
macOS Ventura 13.6.3 (22G436)

Fab, the Audio Analysis gain slider is back :)

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Thank you VDMX team for your effort in keeping VDMX up to date!

In a quick test I’m able to load Vuo patches created with latest Vuo 2.4.4 - my memory is that I wasn’t able to do that with…

Is this VDMX version updated to the latest Vuo framework? Or was it “other fixes” that made my custom Vuo fx now compatible?

MacBook Pro 15-inch, 2017
macOS Ventura 13.6.4 (22G513)

Looks like there’s an issue with PDF playback with a random colour change occurring. The source frames are transparent PNG compiled into a PDF using Afinity Publisher and then Acrobat Pro. The result is the same for both files. The layer uses a Chroma Mask FX to remove the background, the colour changes happens if this is on or off. Haven’t spotted this before as I generally use B&W PDFs.

24.02.17-Main Output-11.40.10
Chroma Mask FX on

24.02.17-Main Output-11.28.06
Chroma Mask FX off

Cinder-Blocks_06_Adobe-Acrobat.pdf.zip (3.2 MB)
Adobe Acrobat generated PDF from still images


It doesn’t do it on mine. Maybe someone else can try it on their system?

Mac Studio M1 Max
macOS Ventura 13.6.3 (22G436)
VDMX b0.

Odd, just tested the PDF on my Mac Studio and the same issue?


Mac Studio M1 Max
macOS Ventura 13.6.3 (22G436)
VDMX b0.
Issue: Movie Recorder plugin > Image capture

Can people test the image capture function in the Movie Recorder plugin. In I’m getting random layers when set to Main Output. It works fine in b0. I’ve also had some randomness with layer drawing but can’t replicate that at the moment, running 13 HD layers which should be fine.

It’s also important to note that this update is mainly for Sonoma users who were experiencing crashes. If you didn’t have any issues with b8.8.0.9, then I would suggest using that version for performances.

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@GMM The Vuo version used in that build is 2.4.4, which appears to be the latest!

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Awesome work with the updates!

I’m having some slight issues with the ui/workspace interface.
Mainly when it comes to changing text values, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.
When it doesn’t work, I can still highlight the text and it looks like when you are able to change it, but nothing happens when I write.

A few questions. Which version of OSX are you running this on? Intel or Apple Silicon?

Can you capture a screen recording of what you are experiencing?

Looks like VDMX doesn’t like the Receive Live Audio Vuo node. Files that include this don’t load and crash VDMX. I’ve reported this in detail on the Vuo forum here.

Here’s a screen capture with some further detail. This folder includes two test files - identical except for one does not include Receive Live Audio.

  • Vuo version: 2.4.4
  • macOS version: Sonoma 14.3.1
  • Mac model and CPU: Apple M1 Max

My workflow was:

Uninstall Vuo 2.4.1
Uninstall VDMX
Delete all leftover files, restart etc.

Fresh install of VDMX
Fresh install of Vuo 2.4.4

@GMM would you be able to possibly test this if you are on the same setup to see if you can replicate on your end? Thanks!

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Hi @Joelle yes I could test it, but the Dropbox with the test files returns an error “This folder xxxxxx does not exist” for me? (The screencap video link works fine.)

Ah sorry @GMM, the share link was not public. Have updated it here…

Thanks a lot!

I can confirm this Vuo audio node issue happens in but not in, which loads all my Vuo 2.4.4 comps just fine.

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Okay, I tried placing these Vuo files (and the Modules folder?) in VDMX’ Vuo folder, and restarting VDMX, but then neither nor displays these as available FX… so I can’t even load them. (I have the same problem with several of my own FX.)

I’m on Sonoma 14.1.1, and my public Vuo version is 2.4.4, but I’m also simultaneously having newer private Vuo betas with updated frameworks installed on the system, this might interfere, I don’t know.

Sorry this wasn’t much help!

@GMM & @Joelle

This is what David said:
For Joelle, the comp they sent seemed to work (as far as I can tell) as expected when I…

  • Set the option in prefs to run Vuo in a separate process, which is generally safer
  • Clicked the “Clear Vuo Cache” after switching that option
    Beyond that a bit tough to tell, I’d need to dig deeper.

GMM is having trouble loading them as FX because they are generators.

Thanks @ProjectileObjects! True running Vuo in separate processes solves it but is not a real solution for me as I need instant trigger with no delay when comps load.

For now the solution is rolling back to and still using Vuo 2.4.4, stressed tested for 4 hours and no crashes or issues. The below system specs + versions works for me.

  • Vuo version: 2.4.4
  • VDMX version:
  • macOS version: Sonoma 14.3.1
  • Mac model and CPU: Apple M1 Max

@GMM as David mentioned, indeed these are Image Generators not FX.

So you just can just drag the Vuo compositions into VDMX from anywhere on your computer. They will not work as FX if you add them VDMX’s Vuo folder. The Modules folder must be in the same folder local to the Vuo files (no need to move these anywhere). BUT don’t worry, I am quite sure that the Receive Live Audio node is causing problems in But if you do many to replicate the problem let me know.

thanks for this-
Unfortunately for me… one weirdness-- previous v 8.8.09 handled switching between VU0 FFGL in media bin no problem But Beta keeps crashing when I switch between the same VUO FFLG in media bin.
Hope this is simple fix and VDMX keeps on going thanks ! Of course in the meantime I will use v 8.8.09 Macbook m2 64g ram Ventura 13.6.5