VDMX Beta now ready for testing! (M1/Intel) OSX 10.15+

@Ertle I would just stick with b8.8.0.9 then. is very stable, but most of the improvements over b8.8.0.9 are for OSX 14 users (who were experiencing crashes). Also, feel free to send a bug report using the built in help menu option.

thanks will do and am sticking with for now Cheers

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I have a problem with copying fx assets from one layer to another via UI INSPECTOR. The preset number appears, but the fx missing in the fx layer
macbook pro 2017 A1707 mac os monterey 12.7.2
the same problem on mac studio m1 ventura 13.6.5

@mikeiv Do you have the same problem with b8.8.0.9? As mentioned previously, the main benefits of are for OSX 14 users.

Yes, when I used b8.8.0.9 all worked. But I fixed it by reinstalling to b8.8.0.9 and after installed new one.

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I’m getting UI glitch with the step sequencer plugin in this version. When clicked, the step sequencer columns shrink to 1/4 the size, pinned to lower left corner. I’m on Ventura 13.6.4 on Intel MBP. Screenshot attached.

Thanks @Kvantti It’s a known bug for I see that you are on OSX 13, most of the benefits of are for OSX 14 users. Feel free to jump back to b8.8.0.9 if this boths you too much. If you resize the window the view will jump back to normal, it’s just a GUI glitch (does not seem to inhibit functionality).