VDMX Beta now ready for testing! (M1/Intel)

Hey Everyone!

We have a new update for you to try out!

This update primarily addresses the Midi out issue some M1 users have been experiencing. There’s still an issue with midi out through the media bin, but we’re looking into that as we speak.

It’s a universal build for both Intel and M1 Apple Silicone Macs.

A few things to note (bug/other):

  • Waveclock does not currently work on M1 Macs (it should on Intel)
    If you are on an M1 Mac and need WaveClock to work, you waveclock you must set the app to run under Rosetta (using Get Info on the app in the Finder).
  • A few QcFX will not work on M1, but should on Intel. (Running under Rosetta should fix this)
  • Cue List: unable to select clips from the media bin. (Roll back to b8.7.2.7 if you need this function).

Once again as always, If you run into any problems, please use the “Report Bug” option in the Help menu.

Download here:



Awesome, looking forward to testing the midi! Will report back.

Update - general midi out is working fine. Now waiting for the midi media bin update!