VDMX b8.7.1.5 Now Available!

Hey friends!

In advance of the 10.15 macOS update, are starting to beta test a small-ish update to VDMX with bunch of bug fixes, a few minor feature improvements and some other changes that we would appreciate your help testing.

You can download the build here:

As always please use the ‘Report Bug’ option from the Help menu and / or use the built-in crash reporter with your email address so we can follow up on any issues!

Though this is a seemingly small update, there are a few backend changes that are quite large, so if you are in the middle of an important project we would recommend against testing this right away.

See below for a full list of changes, but a few very important noteworthy details:

– MIDI channel numbers are now ranged 1-16, instead of 0-15; old project files will auto-update when opened, but please thoroughly test this and let us know if you run into any problems.

– This release build (sadly) completely drops all support for 32-bit Flash / FreeFrame plugins.

– This release build (sadly) drops support for macOS 10.10; the minimum OS version is now 10.11.

– We changed the details of coordinate handling in a bunch of ISF shaders that have 2D points – let us know if you run into any problems as a result of this.

Change log:


– New FX: Corner Colors Tint, Shape Morph Wrap, Soft Flip, Broken LCD, and more
– Added option to export / import advanced fullscreen settings
– Support for ISF shaders that require OpenGL 4
– Clock plugin now publishes an on / off state for its running state, in response to MIDI clock start / stop messages & crossing the waveclock silence threshold
– Movie Recorder inspector can now specify image capture format (tiff, jpeg, png). Default can be set in prefs.
– Improved support for spaces- it takes a little bit longer to enable/disable fullscreen, but doing so takes over the entire screen and plays nicer with spaces.
– Added sorting options to page sync
– Added local section presets to media bin
– Added support for receiving midi pgm changes
– Added a “clear receiver” menu option when selecting a data source by selecting it from a menu in the various inspectors
– Added ‘lock screen’ option which can be enabled in the preferences; added an option to “misc” prefs that can add a “lock main screen” option to the “Windows” menu. When triggered, this “locks” the main screen by preventing mouse input or command-key shortcuts from working and obscuring the interface with a lock screen (MIDI, OSC, and non-command-key assignments created via receivers in VDMX still work). The image on the lock screen can be customized via the prefs. This does not lock down the machine in any appreciable sense- the user can still cmd-tab to other apps.

Fixed / Changed

– MIDI channel numbers are now ranged 1-16, instead of 0-15; old project / template files will auto-update when opened
– Movie Recorder now trims audio / video track lengths to match
– Recorded movie files once again capture in intervals to prevent lost data on crash
– Movie Recorder does not fail if destination directory does not exist or is not writeable
– Various updates and minor changes to ISF files. See the ISF Files repository commit history for more details.
– Updated NDI SDK
– Fixed crash on launch due to CI filters that do not have localized names (in particular the most recent FxFactory update)
– Fixed bug where Cue List presets could cause some project size bloat
– Fixed LTC bug
– Fixed bug with custom thumbnails in projects in 10.13
– This update completely drops support for 32-bit Flash / FreeFrame plugins for future OS compatibility.
– Various other minor crash / bug fixes


This update is huge! Thank you so much for the fantastic work!

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Haha we definitely found like one or two small things that we need to fix before we can turn on the auto-updater for everyone, please keep the bug reports coming folks!

Which categories are the new FX in as i cant see them?

Also how does the “local section presets to media bin” work? I haven’t been able to figure it out.

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I seem to be getting a hang on launch where VDMX goes directly in to a (not responding) mode, so I can’t use the built-in bug reporter. Can I send the console dump from force quitting, or is that unhelpful?

If you get a hang on launch after updating, first please try to delete the app and then re-install.

If that doesn’t help, please use Activity Monitor to take a “Stack Trace” and send that to us in an email.