VDMX b8.7.1.0 now available!

This is a minor update, which you can download from our homepage now.

List of changes:

  • Fixed a bug- under some circumstances, comp modes presets aren’t restoring correctly. this is a new bug introduced by a workaround for a crash fixed post-
  • Fix to using qc comps as image players
  • Fixed a bug- section presets for image files using qc sources now store properly by default
  • Added ‘padding’ option in Video to DMX plugin
  • Added option in Rutt Etra Displacment to use RGB to XYZ mode
  • Updated the NDI SDK to the latest available version, which fixed a couple reported bugs pertaining to image/streaming quality
  • Updated to the latest available version of Syphon- no reported issues with it, there were just some updates
  • Fixed a bug- under some circumstances, MIDI messages were being ignored (same MIDI packet preceded by a midi clock message)

I have some bus with composition presets, this version may be my solution. Thank you.