VDMX b8.7.0.5 now available!

Hey all!

This is a minor update, which you can download from our homepage now.

List of changes:

  • performance improvement when playing back hap files under some limited circumstances. users who experience drops in performance when playing back hap files with this update are advised to update their operating systems.
  • worked around a GPU driver bug that caused crashes by disabling LUT-based FX on macs using NVIDIA GPUs running 10.13 or later. we filed a bug report with apple about this, and they got back to us and explicitly told us that they were aware of this, and weren’t going to fix it because they didn’t think it was worth their time.
  • fixed an audio bug when working with AVF-based capture devices that have muxed audio streams
  • fixed a bug- disabling an AVF-based capture device wouldn’t disable the audio passthrough
  • misc small fixes
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Wow, then here is the answer to my question. Will LUST no longer work on vdmx? I am now in version b8.7.1.5. Alternatives to give a Cinema look from VDMX with ISF?

LUTs still work, just not on NVIDIA GPU hardware.

Try the v002 technicolor.fs, this does a similar effect.