VDMX b8.7.0.4 pre-release now available!

Hey all!

Who is ready to help test the next update for VDMX???

Check out the full release notes here:

The two big new features are:

  1. Improved support for working with multiple GPUs / eGPUs (see VDMX Prefs > Rendering)
  2. As part of its OSCQuery support, VDMX now includes a web app with its OSCQuery server- anyone with a browser on your network can access this webpage, which displays interactive UI items for all of the UI items you’re publishing via OSCQuery. By default, this means that every UI item on every Control Surface plugin can be controlled remotely from a browser with zero setup.

The automatically generated web page controller for VDMX can be used on mobile / tablet / desktop browsers on your local network – use the Control Surface plugin to make sets of controls, then visit the special URL (go to VDMX Prefs > OSC > OSCQuery to find it) to bring up the page. Comes in light and dark mode stylings as shown in the screenshot above!

There are some special notes and tips for working with eGPUs in the documentation – if you have any questions please let us know!


More on OSCQuery here:

Here’s the web page control on an iPhone:


feel interest by multi GPU as my MacbookPro has two graphic card could be interesting to select the one I want
but I almost sure that VDMX is already using the second one

Good job for all the change log as well

Be sure to read the notes about using eGPUs – in many cases you are better off using a beefy / top of the light built-in card, at least when it comes to VJing.

And yes, if you have a dual built-in GPU system, the dedicated card was already automatically used for VDMX!

hello !

i am using the latest VDMX version on a macpro6,1 with dual Firepro D700 under High Sierra
VDMX actually sees/uses only one GPU. How come ?


The multiple GPU support in VDMX is currently only set up to list graphics cards that currently have displays connected to them.

While we could enable access for ‘offline’ GPUs for rendering, this is not really recommended for the use case of VDMX, so we have intentionally left this particular capability out for the time being as we didn’t want to have people use less than optimal configurations and then be unhappy with the performance.

Basically there is a performance hit whenever video needs to be copied from one GPU to another for any reason, including displaying textures on screen. If you are using GPU #1 for display, then you should use that GPU for rendering – you should not do rendering on GPU #2 in this case.

This kind of using an offline GPU for rendering is useful perhaps in other software that does non-realtime rendering that is being written directly to disk (perhaps drawing preview frames to a display from another GPU), but it is not well suited for real-time performance.


i am using NDI to send image from one computer to another.
On the receiving machine running VDMX i just receive a frozen image when adding an NDI clip on the bin or “use source -> NDI” from the layer source panel.

I looked at the Vid In tab in the workspace editor and NDI is Enabled

Now when i open the NDI Syphon tool and enable the NDI source, everything is running fine.
When i quit NDI Syphon tool, the NDI source is frozen again.

Maybe there is something i am doing wrong… ?


Not sure I follow entirely from your post – it sounds like you are doing things correctly, and here is a tutorial that demonstrates the way that it normally should work,

If you are having any issues with VDMX, usually the best thing to do is use the “Report Bug” option from the Help menu and include detailed steps we can follow to recreate the problem.

It can be helpful if you phrase reports along the lines of…

  1. Do something
  2. Do something else
  3. Click on something, observe something
  4. Click something else: I expect X to happen but instead Y happens

Also if you could let me know specifically what was providing the NDI feed that you were having issues with that would be useful!

ok, i’ll have a look.
I am not sure this is a bug so i thought i would post here first, but yeah, i will send a bug report.