VDMX 5 output problem controls. Crap!


I have a bunch of visuals loaded in VDMX and the canvas output is 1920x1080. Why the f does the output keep changing, every time I click on a clip. Every clip no matter what it’s formatted to Needs to remain at 1920x1080, so why does this bug/output glitch keep doing this.

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Are the clips all 1920x1080?

What do you have the resizing. “sizing” set to in the composition tab?

VDMX plays the clips back in the aspect ratio that they come in and scales up based on the settings you chose.



The clips are various sizes some are 3820x2160 4K others HD and 720P

The Engine should have an import feature that whatever or how many clips you import, it will auto detect and scale to fit the project output that you specify. I was hoping there would be a feature like this, but there is not or a way to lock the output to fit the scale. How do you suggest to manage all assets? What do I do if there are many to reformat sizes?



This option exists but I wouldn’t work this way. It would be much better to prepare your clips in advance or have something like ff.works running in the background for automated resizing and HAP encoding.

But if you really want to tag each clip with a sizing mode attribute:

  1. Control + click on a file in the Mediabin
  2. Select “Inspect Selected File” from the contextual menu
  3. This will open or focus the Workspace Inspector
  4. Go to the File Inspector block and click on Composition
  5. Click on “Size mode”
  6. Select the preferred size mode for the clip
  7. Click apply

Note: click on the image below to see the full Workspace Inspector and Size mode attribute:



Could you post a video of what you are talking about? I VJ with thousands of clips in all forms of sizes and aspect ratios. VDMX scales footage down to the main output composition size, or scales up. (Fit Fill Stretch)

The only thing that doesn’t scale correctly are videos with black bars burnt into the video or different aspect ratios. My VJ outputs are 16:9 so when I get 4:3 footage or 9:16 (cell phone vertical footage), I have black bars on the left and right. Anamorphic content typically has the black bars burnt in which makes it look like the size has changed, but it has not.

I’m fully sure what the problem you are experiencing is. Please share a video of what’s going on. Thanks



I think @logicdance is suggesting an auto encoding / resizing function on import. Which wouldn’t make sense for a live compositing / mixing app.

But you could have two watch folders. One for batch encoding using something like ff.Works saving to a second watch folder attached to a VDMX Media Bin page. More a studio set up for prepping content than a live project but might work for the OP.



Images attached show the canvas output changing when I click on videos on the bins

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Looks like your left and right layers are mapped to different sides of the screen. If you reset them, or drag those handles back to the correct full screen arrangement, they should be the same. Then update your project preset so it doesn’t keep those as defaults.



You’re saying with each video that we need to extend these handles, we have to “update the project” after we make these adjustments, and they will save?

I will check again, but I do believe this didn’t’ work.



Those handles are set in your canvas output controls. Essentially, what you are saying is put the left video source slightly off screen and put the right video source slightly off screen in the other direction. They should both be full frame for their outputs to be identical. Move them back into the rectangle so that they are both identical.



I moved the handles on each video clip so they are centered and saved preset. It does not save this preset and I have to keep adjusting it as I said. So annying.



Do you have a workspace preset in the Workspace Manager? If so, are you updating that?

When you save your project, are you chosing update preset and save project as? (creating a new project and saving the correct presets).



this is what i used



Can you share your project with us?