Using powerpoint as a source

Hey folks, I would like to use a powerpoint presentation as a source, I am on macOS. Can anyone recommend what would be the best way to do this? The VDMX inputs pull down does not show Chrome as an input. Weburl does not allow much control of the presentation. Any other ideas? Virtual video input? Syphon from chrome?


Hey Anthony,

It sounds like you were trying to use the Window Inputs there?

The two details on this are:

  1. You need to enable window inputs from the Workspace Inspector in the Vid In section (they are off by default because there is an extra bit of overhead for us to scan & track the available windows even when they aren’t in use for display)
  2. The window must be visible on screen (not hidden) in order to work.

Check out this tutorial for more info:

I’ve done this before (with Keynote, but PPT will work fine too). Oh I see David is replying now!


Its subtle… but you’ve got to first select “windows in other apps”, then enable window video inputs… then the specific window. You can also make a virtual desktop and throw this in there, and run PPT in full screen on the virtual, if you need to get transitions/slide builds to play through.

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