Using Midi chord data as a trigger


Beginner question here. I would like to use midi chord information in order to trigger clips or effects. For example if the keys C1, E1, and G1 are played in unison then X clips or effects are activated. How can I Set this up? Thanks in advance



I’d say your easiest bet is to make key combinations in an app like OSCulator and then have that trigger clips in VDMX using OSC.

VDMX would pick up the Midi note the second you push/trigger it. It wouldn’t wait for a combination of buttons to be pressed before executing a command. Something like OSCulator could act as that in between and then only trigger the media clip you want through OSC after that combination of buttons has been pressed.

Maybe someone else has another way that they’ed suggest.

Osculator example:

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gonna look into this right now thanks for the help (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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There are a lot of ways you could set this up with Quartz Composer; I’ve attached a simple example for a single chord grouping. Although I’m not sure how well QC is working in newer versions of macOS

MIDI (19.8 KB)



QC is still working as of the newest OS (can’t remember the name) according to the VDMX FB group as of last week. It’s still hasn’t been removed from the OS; and I think someone discovered metal syntax works in the glsl patch now as well.



I second OSCulator - I’ve used it for years for mapping game controls to Quartz and VDMX. I still use VDMXs internal osc tools, but certain use cases/devices I still run OSCulator seperate with VDMX - IMO it can be a little easier to mentally wrangle some inter app connections this way- also when the MIDI controls/pass thru is giving me issues (not enough flexibility as an example- fine grain control of velocity or other Paramaters not revealed in the MIDI inspector/routing panels). Very worth the money and the developer Camille was wicked nice the couple times I’ve spoke with her (Lost registration and hackintosh compatibility issue tht she solved for me)