Using existing soundcard in VDMX without Loopback?


I am using my Apogee Quartet with the audio analysis function in VDMX. When it works it’s good but there are more times when it feeds back for whatever reason I can’t seem to fathom at this point.

I have followed the tutes and as I said sometimes it works other times it doesn’t. I am using Live 11 on a Mac.

Is there a recommended or model setup by which audio interfaces can be hooked up without issues? Or is that why an app like Loopback is talked about in the forum as a necessary? part of the chain?

thanks in advance



Is the built-in microphone on your Mac causing the feedback loop? You can also change the playthru option in the audio analysis inspector so it doesn’t play through.

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It can sometimes get confusing but I have really relied on both Loopback and Soundsource together for audio routing with VDMX. Especially when mixing several sources together for an event. With soundsource I can easily throw sources into the VDMX audio chain and level them at will. The only issue I get is if I rely on vdmx to loop out then the gain on the AA controls the volume and it can blow out the sensor values.

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Thanks for both replies ProjectileObjects and SFinSF. I have worked it out. My setup uses an SSL Six mixer in conjunction with Apogee Quartet and therefore I cant choose certain options but found one that does work. See attached pic.

It’s fantastic now! thanks again.



I’m glad you figured out your issue, and posted the pic of yr audio analyzers with the
Drop down for audio out source. I didn’t realize sound can be routed that way. Good to learn.

I find loopback is very useful, but in my case necessary, since my hackintosh loses its audio routing on restart - I have to delete my current outputs (as they show up but aren’t ‘there’)
And reconnect. This is an end user hackintosh thing- something about my video card is causing it. I still think it was well worth the price for being able to route to seperatete devices at the same time, each monitor, and USB out to amp but also would have never bought if I had another solution.

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