USB audio bouncing (stuttering) problem


USB audio bouncing (stuttering) problem
I can’t figure out what the problem is
please give me some advice

  • Audio interface in use
    Behringer xr18

  • Mac
    iMac Pro
    3.2GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon W
    32GB 2666MHz DDR4
    Radeon Pro Vega 56 8GB

  • Test
    vdmx - all the same
    macos 10.15.7~12.1 - all the same

YouTube sound / system sound / headphone output / system output / other sound - no problem
xr18 usb output from vdmx - problem
Even after black hole/loopback linkage - same symptoms

  • Actions taken
    Logic board replacement / os format / xr18 replacement / vdmx normal play / cable replacement

Behringer Manufacturer Feedback - No Problems



Do you mean if you bypass the sound card entirely and just route audio internally via the Loopback software you still have issues?



I’m not good at English.
I’m writing it through Google translation.

VDMX --> Mac Speaker Output = normality
VDMX --> Blackhole or loopback = normality

VDMX --> xr18 = issues
VDMX --> Blackhole or loopback --> xr18 = issues

Other system sounds and other sounds are all normality.
Yes) YouTube, quick time player, pvp, etc.

For now, temporarily…
Mac --> VDMX --> Headphone Output --> xr18 = normality

For your information, if an sound is output single on vdmx, the frequency of occurrence is low. If you continue to change clips on other layers during video play, the frequency of occurrence increases.