Update media files while VDMX is running?

I’m using VDMX to run a gallery installation and it would be very cool if we could update the media clips remotely and without restarting the app. Initial tests suggest this can’t be done by simply changing the file’s contents as VDMX happily continues with the original, presumably a buffered copy.

It’s not a huge tragedy if it can’t be done, but I’d welcome any thoughts. Thanks.

it is possible to synchronize a folder in the media bin, which is updated automatically.
1- open the workspace inspector (cmd + 2) / files / yourfolder.
2-optionally select the type of file you want to synchronize (mov, pict etc) and activate automatically remove clips

Synchronize the refresh button remotely.

this may work.

hope it helps you.

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That’s very promising. Right now when the video file changes its Layer assignment is lost, but I bet there’s a way to automate resetting that.

Yep, a simple Step Sequencer did the trick. Very slick.

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