UI rendering efficiency



It appears as if I have maxed out the amount of sliders/buttons I can simultaneously control on a control surface before my computer starts to lag out pretty bad.

I’m wondering if anyone can recommend some tweaks to make my UI items like sliders/color wheels run more efficiently? I’m controlling them all via OSC/MIDI and the sliders are outputting DMX, I’ve grouped most of them into ‘multi-sliders’ and ‘multi-buttons’, I’ve also tried tweaking my “UI item rendering FPS” option.

I’m secretly hoping that the update for native M1 improves my performance : )




The FPS rendering option is there. I’ve personally never hit this limit before, but I use FX chains to switch between various slider presets for a clean interface. Could you share a screen shot of your VDMX layout?



Control surface items I would think are
Pretty low CPU intensive.

I would try to save your project as a new copy and delete all other plugins as much as you can and see what happens.

I’ve had “choking” issues before with OSC. It could be that you may need to throttle your OSC messages. I was recently playing around with the OSC test app sending a float via its slider
To an OSC Query enabled CS slider. And VDMX totally locked up and crashed when I did a rapid and multi drag back and forth of the source.
I could see in the Comm Display the multiple fine valued being recieved.

Also just try saving your project, quitting and re-opening it. I’ve been recently all of a sudden experiencing slow and stuttering playback in my whole project. I’ve search thru everything and turned everything off, ejected everything etc and it still continues. Quiting and reopening cleans it out somehow.

Also check the VDMX log and see if anything appears that might point you to it.



One other thing is it all in one Control Surface plugi? If so try spreading it out across multiple CS plugins.

You could duplicate your original as
Many times as you need then delete out the extras from each one. This way you won’t have to redo any assignments. You’ll probably have to rework the layout.


Oh and another thought is try disabling the
Use OSC Query check box and see if that does anything.

Remember any tests that I’m suggesting may not be affective without a save / close / reopen project. And possibly even a quit/ reopen of VDMX