Two clocks, running at fractions of each other?

Hey. I want to run my korg SQ 1 via ableton (live lite midi out via usb), to be slaved to VDMX running waveclock via ableton link. So far no problem.

But the SQ1 links to midi sync directly so that all eight steps are within one bar.

What i want to do is clockdividing the tempo of one clock in regards to the other, so that i have
clock 1 running waveclock, and synch to the music

Clock 2 running in fractions of clock 1, and have ableton link enabled.

Ableton live lite is in this setup only an intermediary between link and the sq1 and do no other tasks at this point.

Any hint on how to pull this off?

Tried warious methods of syncing the tap button to bars etc from clock one, but it takes 4 presses before it syncs up, which is a long time on the larger divisions,. and for some reason it defaults to 20 bpm when resetting…

Any hints?