Twitching output quality Big Sur Imac



my video output quality is poor, with a delay / twitching phenomena. I am using H264 video material, frame rate 25 and Full HD. My computer is a 2021 Imac with Big Sur.

What to do?



I’d first recommend exporting one or more of your clips into the HAP codec and seeing if the playback issue goes away.

If you want to use H.264 you’ll have to make sure that all of your clips have a key frame for every frame. If not, then your computer has to interpret the data and make a frame on the fly.

More on that here:

As for the output quality, what is your output composition resolution set to?

If you use a built in ISF shader is the quality better?

Please share photos or videos if you can.



Thanks for your reply.

I did convert my files to HAP and that makes the output somewhat smoother. The files are quite large (some of them 11 min long) so I’ m not sure whether that causes some of the problems.

I am not using an ISF shader (not familiar with one).

The resolution of the output is se to HD 16:9 images, ie 1920 x 1080 frames.



I am unable to send screen recorded video material at the very moment, if the problem remains, I will try and get that done for further help / query

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