Turning A Layer into a Strobe Effect?

Hey wonderful community. its been forever since ive posted on here. Getting back into playing with VDMX after an extended break…I originally posed this question about a year ago, but didn’t get a response.

So, im looking for a replacement effect in VDMX for an original FFGL effect that used to work - its called “TimeSwitcher (FFGL)

Essentially it created a strobe effect - but instead of your standard color for the strobe - it would strobe a layer of your choosing. There was also controls to speed up the pace of this strobe effect. So it could be really slow, or ideally very fast like a strobe

any help on how i can achieve this?

maybe i need to look in the ISF website? or is there a native VDMX effect i can use to mimic this.

any tips are greatly appreciated. thanks!

Hi Koolik - you could create something like this with a mixer -
essentially using the mixer to cut between 2 sources…
and making that as slow or fast you want - by driving the CUT button with an LFO or sequencer,
and using the speed of one of those to control the rate of cutting…

Wow, what a simple but great idea!!! I will try this and report back. thanks so much!

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