Troubleshooting Live feeds - mini recorder / iphone


Greetings All!

I would like to ask two questions:

I am having trouble setting up my BlkMagic mini recorder and Sony a6000. A few years ago, I don’t remember having any trouble connecting a GH2. I don’t know if its the cameras. Or something else. I am pretty sure everything is up to date. I will check again though. Grateful for any helpful hints.

The other related question that I am curious about is about using an iphone as a video source, which I have done on numerous occasions. However, there is always the overlay controls or data of whatever camera app. Is there a camera app that can hide those graphics. What other work arounds have people tried. I suppose, I could zoom, and not loose quality. Any body had any luck with that.

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From what I remember the mini recorder only works with specific frame rates. What is your camera sending out via HDMI (or SDI?) The GH2 may have sent a different signal into the recorder.

I’m not sure about the iPhone, I don’t use it myself. Maybe someone else has some thoughts.



For iPhone check out epocamHD.

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Thank you! I will experiment with my settings and framerates, that could be it, thanks for your reply



I haven’t heard of that app, I will check it out. Since, I wrote, I realized that Filmic pro has the option of hiding the display and that I can enter “Guided Access” to hide the little home bar at the bottom of the screen. Thanks!



Greetings all,

I have found solutions for both my questions, thank you for your suggestions.

For the Sony a6000, I had to change the HDMI resolution to 1080i. The record settings appear not to matter.




Shoot app has been specifically created to help streamers (made by my old studio buddy Michael Forrest):

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