Triggering Presets Stalls Program

I recently put in a bug report on this, but wanted to see if anyone else had a solution or saw a similar issue?

VDMX stalls when triggering each preset. It happens sporadically, it seems like after getting halfway through my set suddenly they no longer want to load and the software becomes unresponsive. I’ve been seeing this back since High Sierra on and off.

Version b0.
Mac M1 OS 13.0.1 (22A400)

What I’ve tried to remedy:

  1. Converting all assets to HAP. (Upon ‘get info’: Hap1 Encoding Software: Lavf58.45.100)
  2. Preloading all media bins
  3. Stop rendering Main Canvas
  4. Note: I am running MIDI and OSC at a high and constant rate, also I have a single Syphon out to go to Touch Designer.

Thanks for any ideas on this

How much memory is on your machine?

I’d be careful preloading media, as is can take up a lot of memory. If you’re also running TouchDesigner with an M1 Mac, that will trigger SWAP when the memory goes beyond what you have in your system. 32-64GB is a good starting point, but I still run into issues if I have a web browser open.

Thanks for the reply! I’m on 32gb RAM machine. I’ve now turned off any incoming MIDI and am just using OSC to see if that helps.

What would be the case for preloading media? Should I turn it off for better performance? I thought it was the other way around?

Thanks again.

Pre-loading media, pre-loads the media into your memory for faster playback. It leads to quicker triggering of video clips, but at the cost of holding space in your memory.

If you run low / or out of 32GB, the M1 will trigger SWAP and use your internal SSD to store more GBs. Depending on what your system is doing, how much SSD you have left, how much you are running off your internal SSD, and what other system processes are running off that SSD, this can lead to all sorts of unexpected issues. (usually the random issues).

If something is repeatable, it’s definitely a bug or something incompatible.

Could you share your project file here?