Trigger marks with midi

I’m trying to figure trigger marks in a video timeline with my modular synthesizer. My idea is that every time I send a midi trigger or gate to vdmx, the timeline jumps to the next trigger. Somebody here that can help me with how to archive this?

Hi @ornette, unlike the media bin, I don’t believe there is a way to add marks with midi and jump to the “next or previous” mark. As an alterative, you can set MIDI or OSC commands to jump to marks, or you can use the cue list to create time specific jump to points (and use the cue list to advance forward or backward with midi).

Use the previous / next buttons and the Time Slider Mark setting. The only downside is that the marks are attached to the slider not the media. Changing to a video with a different length will result in the marks moving. A workaround could be to have the video clips all the same length with black filling any dead space.

@ornette in addition to the previous / next buttons you could also map midi triggers to the timeline marks which would give you the option to repeat sections (chorus, break, etc.).

Edit – Um, I’ve missed this? In File Inspector / Source / Chapter Markers you can add marks which will automatically load into the timeline when the clip is triggered. Remember to use the “Apply” button when making adjustments in the File Inspector. BTW the mapping will NOT follow the clip.

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I stand corrected. Thanks @2bitpunk