Trigger clip

beginner question, i want to trigger clip from osc from vezer. Has someone done that ? Been looking in tuto and can’t find a way to do it, i suppose it should be possible ?

You’ve got a few options when it comes to triggering things via OSC.

In the Media Bin inspector, under the “Control” tab you’ll find a list of receivers for some specific actions, including ‘trigger by index’, ‘trigger by float’ and ‘trigger by name’ which can each be set to listen for a particular OSC path that you specify.

Here is a thread that discusses essentially the same idea – this case instead of an OSC trigger they are setting up a UI element in a Control Surface to trigger a clip,

Well thank’a alot,
Actually i spend the night with some turtorial, much patience and i must say pleasure and exitation with that fantastique software and came to an almost perfect media player controlled by Vezer or anything that send OSC.
Only thing i miss is previsualisation albeit it isn’t obligatory.
Currently have 18 mediaBin with indepedants layers in each, HD hap alpha, they come and go, often are there all together and everything work fluently. . .
Simple hackintosh, i5 2500k and radeon 580 and it simply project the whole thing ! 18 files span across 6 projectors 1080p !

I believe it is simply one of the best software i have thank’s alot

If anyone is stuck i can send the caneva.

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