Transfer a horizontal string of FX asset to another layer- not an FX Chain

Hey i’m projecting on 4 screens simultaneously, and i’ve set up and saved many FX presets for Screen A (AKA Layer 1) -in the little square boxes beneath the word ‘Load Asset’ (one FX per box). I’d like to give all those horizontally structured FX Assets to layer 3. How do I share a horizontal string of FX assets to another Layer?

Note: These are not stacked FX chains. rather one box for one FX.

Could you share screen shots of what you are describing?

Cmd + C, cmd + V.

Just click on the layer that has your fx that you wish to copy and hit cmd+c . Select the layer you wish to copy to and click on an empty box at the top of FX inspector and hit cmd+v



Sorry for the late thank you, This was very helpful.