TouchOSC to toggle media playback

Hello all. VERY new to VDMX and still very much trying to wrap my mind around the framework.

I am trying to set up a very basic video playback sampler/triggerer using a TouchOSC layout on iPad to trigger video clips. I have figured out the OSC connection, and am able to trigger (start) media clips from bin via push button. What I can not seem to figure out is how to do the following:

  • Use an OSC toggle button, where clip plays while toggle is “on” (1), but stops when toggled off (0).
  • Assign a push button as a “kill all” to stop any media clip playing, and either cut to black, or trigger blank black media file loop.

Also… the assignment of a given osc command to a specific media file seems to only be in sequential order, as in, if I use DETECT, it will assign OSC commands to media clips in the order they were pressed.
Is there any way to more specifically “map” a given OSC command to a specific file?

For the “Kill all”, I figured out I can assign an OSC pushbutton to the Layer Eject.

I also realized I can add a toggle button to the layer Play/Pause, which is useful, but still not the same as the stop function I am looking for. Perhaps it is possible to have the Layer Eject respond to just the “off” of my toggle used to start a given clip?

You are right on your last thought; assigning the layer eject to the “off” position of your toggle. You can do that using the UI Inspector to specifically have the OSC command trigger when “off”

Also, I would suggest trying to use the Control Surface plugin in VDMX as an intermediary. It can seem redundant, but I think it can give you additional control on certain behaviors or more ease when having a button controlling multiple things. Heck, you can even import your TouchOSC layout so you don’t have to recreate everything. :grimacing:

importing the TouchOSC layout into a control surface plugin definitely simplifies assigning data sources for receivers (ctrl+click+drag), but beware the intermediate technique complicates sync (echo).

Thanks @mechanic and @doctormojo

So I added a the toggle button as data source to the Layer Eject, marked it as 'Val from Input", and marked “Invert”. Works like a charm.
Same button used to trigger the clip.
Then repeated the same for all trigger buttons. Works great.

Will try imported TouchOSC control surface and see how that goes.

One other question relating to the mapping of buttons to clips.
As I am doing it now, the media bin “Triggers” simply seem to be in numerical order relative to the clips.
Is this the only way to assign these?
Seems quite limiting, and how would one assign more than one “Trigger” to a given clip?