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I have been playing around with TouchDesigner for the past year or so and have been using Syphon to feed the output into VDMX. Im not sure if its just old habits but I ended up with a workflow of creating tox files a bit as if they were vuo or quartz style compositions and then I have created a very basic user interface which uses TouchEngine within TouchDesigner to load and tweak exported parameters. It’s a bit clunky and a bit of a fight for screen real-estate to make everything accessible.

It would be a dream if TouchEngine could be used within VDMX so we could trigger and tweak these files in a single location. I see that @bangnoise has worked on both projects which is awesome!

Is this something that has been previously explored or is at all possible?




This would be amazing if TouchEngine could be integrated into VDMX.

Still holding out hope for a Windows version that would add Notch playback support as well.

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+1 TouchEngine running in VDMX would be a gamechanger!

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I’ve been dreaming about this for a while, and I’m coming back to it. Back in 20218 I tried to integrate Touchdesigner into my vdmx workflow. I did tests that I used live (Sonar 2018) TD as an fx module. The idea is simple: create a send layer from vdmx, via siphon, in TD modify the fx to your liking, and send it back to vdmx via siphon out. a td gui, the closest thing to vdmx to be able to integrate it into my vdmx interface as one more plugin. It’s fluid, but it would be much better and more practical to be able to use public TD parameters and manage them directly in VDMX in the same way as with Quartz Composer or VUO. Possibly Touchengine is the beginning solution of a new era. May God listen to us, although I am satisfied with David Lubin listen to our prayers.

PD:I remember commenting on this already at the time. it is not bad to remember it. If there’s one thing that ties me to Apple Mac OSX for life, it’s VDMX.



yes please! especially not that they’re starting to integrate stable diffusion into Touch Designer!

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