The ISF shader works in the editor, but not in VDMX5

Hello everyone

I have a problem in loading some isf shaders in VDMX5. I import them from shadertoy and convert them through isf editor . In the isf editor the shader is converted correctly and works, but when I load it into VDMX I get a black screen. Mainly shaders related to edge detection do not work. Please help me to solve the problem. (1.4 KB)

I just tested this shader and it’s not working for me in the ISF editor.

It compiles without errors, but doesn’t render anything out.

There’s a quick hack for Shadertoy shaders which is to use Vuo and the “Make Image with Shadertoy” node. This will work in the free community version of Vuo and there are guides to making VDMX FX and plugins. Not perfect but good for testing things and can get you out of a fix, ideally you would tweak the code to run natively.

Post showing it working with Shadertoy code Heartfelt by BigWIngs using a Vuo image generator source:

The Vuo image generator VDMX Mediabin source:

The Shadertoy code in the Vuo node:

The Vuo composition running Heartfelt by BigWIngs (tested 23.02.24): (3.9 KB)

Vuo docs:

If you don’t get a useful answer here, I strongly advise you to contact Vidvox support, they are very open to such inquiries in general and are often interested in such problems themselves in order to make appropriate adjustments in updates if necessary and feasible.

With just the best greetings from the mountainous Switzerland by bennoH.

The person reported the shader working in ISF editor, but not in VDMX, but the shader they shared doesn’t work in ISF Editor, or VDMX. Since they took the code from someone else’s shadertoy code, I think it’s helpful if the support is open to all.

Thanks a lot for the answers! Unfortunately, this code did not work through VUO either, although I repeat that in my ISFEditor code works, I have attached a screenshot.

Are you running an Intel Machine or an Apple Silicone?

What version of ISF Editor, Version of VDMX, and what are your machine specs?

This code is currently not working on my M1 Max MBP.

macbook pro A1707 intel
ISF editor 2.9.14
VDMX Version b0.

Which version of OSX?

OSX Monterey 12.7.2.