That Mac yellow dot problem... (user workrounds and solutions)

hi i’m a newbie here, just wanting to hear what solutions VDMX users have for the infuriating Mac OS yellow dot problem.

I’m not ready to mess with the ‘System Integrity Protection’ required to run the Recording Indicator Utility, but are there any workable alternatives…?

At the moment I’m stuck with adjusting the projector to overscan the input image, but it’s not ideal.

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I’ve put gaffers tape on projector lenses. Joe Benedetto mentioned using a BlackMagic device as your output will solve the problem. (It should in theory, but I haven’t tested it).

It really is annoying and unprofessional, and instead of Apple providing a simple solution, they released a new operating system with more bugs and issues.

This is what the YellowDot team recommends now:

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thanks, it really is a pain. It seems the live projection users aren’t a powerful enough constituency for Apple to care. I guess it doesn’t affect gaming, which would probably make a difference.

I’m interested in the Blackmagic device solution if any other readers can comment…?

I admire what ‘cormiertyshawn’ has achieved but the cost to convenience and safety on the hacked Mac is big. I’m not at a level where i can own a Mac that I use exclusively for gigs.

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Update: I bought a cheap 2nd-hand RGBlink mini HDMI mixer. Problem solved, and I now have a good portable mini-mixer. The audio follow is a bit abrupt, but it works.


How did this fix the problem? The rull resolution of the HDMI out should still carry the orange / green dot when activated. Black Magic Devices are difference since they output with their own protocols.

just saw this, sorry for slow response… you’re right. damn. the projector I was using was already set to overscan.


New version dropped

sick! Looks like @GMM had some issues with the older version. It might only get rid of the mic indicator tho, I don’t see anything about the camera indicator.

Here’s my experience with RIU:

Macbook Pro M1: I have been (and still am) using RIU version 1.3 on my Macbook Pro running 12.6.1, there it works superb (no dot), and right now everything (including latest VDMX works splendidly fine so I’m not touching / updating anything. :crossed_fingers:

Mac Mini M1: That was running 12.6.0 and RIU 1.3 and it suddenly stopped working, dot came back. Then I had problems updating both the OS and RIU to get rid of it again. (Edit: I assume that was because I tested macOS 13 on the system with an external SSD, and that process possibly reset the SIPs or something related to it.) Reported the problems of activating 1.3 to the developer, they then updated RIU to 2.0. I installed this on the Mac Mini (still running 12.6.0) and that worked fine, dot gone. :orange_circle::firecracker:

Have not (and will not) updated the OSes any further to neither 12.6.3 nor 13.x unless I’m forced by something else. I did not take notes but I’m assuming it’s these .x OS updates that wrecks havoc with RIU and the dot. That we’ll have to re-disable SIPS for every OS update.