Texture Side Scroller + Zoom Effect


I would like to work with seamless content and zoom and pan across it.
Does anyone know if there is an effect like “Side Scroller And Flip.fs” that includes a zoom option?



Oh an update: I guess Ill have to attempt to mush https://editor.isf.video/shaders/5e7a7f837c113618206ddf0b
together. wish me luck on my first quest into writing isf. ;)



Can you just double up on effects, like use the side scroller and flip.fs AND a zoom effect?

Because you could make a custom control panel to kinda slap together all the functionality.

Also a control panel with s.scroll and flip parameters exposed and layer height and width added and linked to one another



Yes, and you could also have one layer with a larger composition size, that scales up a side scrolling video or image, then feed that into another layer with standard comp size, that does the zooming.

A few ways to do it in VDMX



Oooh that’s an interesting technique. I like that better than my idea, but really it gives me new ideas. Never though to precompose larger and send that to screen size; even though my quartz experience tells me that kinda behaves like the ‘rendering destination dimensions’ qtz patch.

Cool… Thanks!

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