Text Input

Hi :slight_smile:
I was looking to import text from RSS flux or other to a specific layer in vdmx
Is there a way to do that ?


Potentially, you could read/display the contents with Processing and send the output to Syphon.


Thank you for your answer @Echophon :)

-Could be one solution but as I’m already running 2 software on the same computer I prefer to not use an other one and syphon
But if I can’t find an other one ?
Was thinking of a script that could read the twitter then convert it in a text version on a website and use the “website input” in vdmx but it’s not smooth :/


So on the general idea of text input, you can use Quartz Composer or Vuo to draw text in whatever layout you want, then either do live text entry with the provided text fields, or if needed you can send OSC messages from custom apps that generate text to fill in that text.

With regard to RSS feeds in particular…

So if I make a patch in max msp it could be possible to send text thru it ?

I’ve made a patch in max that can search tweet and then read it in live
now looking to send this message in VDMX :slight_smile:

Oh yup, you could use Max, something like this tutorial,

Here is a new QC text generator I’m working on for monster movie mash ups

Old Timey Card.zip (14.0 KB)

I cleaned up this one a bit
in fact the shame is that twitter closed there own API which requires to use a third part …
Now I’m looking for a way to get only the last one have to show you the MAX MSP patch I did ;)
will send it to you by mail

QZ_Twitter.zip (18.8 KB)

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